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We had our usual autumn round of the plague (random colds), but this last one lasted a bit longer than the rest. One week followed another, then came Halloween, Thanksgiving, and now we’re coming up on Christmas – where does the time go?

Well, pinterest for one. I have been a pinning fool, but I have been making things too! We tried this FABULOUS broccoli recipe last night, and I have to say – it IS fabulous. My oldest was scarfing it out of the roasting pan before I could get it on the table.

Maybe it’s just that time of year, but I have been downloading organizing tips/ideas like crazy. Calendars, home work areas, control zones…when (if) I decide on something I will update it here.

I did a TON of cooking at thanksgiving – made everything except the pie!

My favorite this year (besides the turkey and cranberries, which ocean spray takes total credit for), was my stuffing. It’s half regular and half cornbread stuffing, celery, onions, chopped up granny smith apples, sausage and dried cranberries. It was so yummy – I will be making it this way from now on! I will make a formal recipe to post here :)

I have just about wrapped up my design work for the year, but I will be taking on new projects in the new year and will be launching a new site with my friend Kristin with printables, premade blog bling, and themes, and still doing custom work as well – drop me a line if you would like more information!

I am going to try to keep the pinterest carnival going – post about the pins you have done and link to them here on thursday!

xoxo d

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