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  1. Really lovely shot. I’m very jealous of your little bloggy getaway. There never seems to be cool get togethers like that here in the UK. Surely it was a well deserved break 🙂

  2. Adorable shot!!!!

    We have an entire ten year collection of Scooter crying or pouting as well as laughing or posing…
    All are so precious, and tastes of the moment…
    So grateful my husband is such a great photographer… As when she leaves the nest… MANY MANY moons from now…I have a lifetime of moments to relive in my countless photo albums…

  3. that photo is the best. one of the ones you’ll cherish when he’s all growed up. ;p

    (although I think I still love that twitter photo of you with the bangs an awful lot; possibly more than this one.)

    xo Deb

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