Huh? wha? Oh right…morning. Chalk this up to another one of my bright ideas…

I had noticed that since Christmas break, the boys were trying to nap mid-day, and were much less charming than I was used to…so being the LOGICAL person I am, I thought that they could probably stand to sleep a little more at night.

Knowing that if I up and made them go to bed an hour earlier all at once chaos would result, I made the decision to start with 15 minutes earlier…so instead of 8pm, they would go to bed at 7:45. So far so good, they were still getting up just before 7.

THEN, a week later, I moved it back again by 15 minutes…

And ALL manners of H E double-hockey-sticks broke loose. Now? They are waking up at 5:30. AM. IN THE MORNING.

Whic wouldn’t be too bad if I didn’t spend most of my evening (and sometimes WAYYYY later) doing work for design clients…

So now I’m not only sleep deprived, but completely dumbfounded as to how to get them to sleep as much as they need to, and reset their inner alarm clocks.

Did I mention I was trying to consume LESS caffeine? Good times…

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  1. Ohh Deanna, I feel for you. I was blessed with 3 kids that share the fathers love for sleep. My kids can go to bed at 7pm and sleep until 9am sometimes later if you let them. I have no ideas to help you but I will chew on it awhile and let you know if I come up with anything.

  2. no matter what I do, my kid will not fall asleep before nine and still must wake up at 7 and it’s like trying to pull a seventeen year old out of bed

  3. This is my life story!!!!! (Thanks for chiming in on my blog this morning!) I see you are a Bobbi + Mike fan! She is one of my dearest friends! 😀

  4. I struggle with this with Jack all.the.time. There seems to be a magical hour at which he can go to bed at night and wake up at a decent hour. If you put him to bed before the magical hour, we are up at 5 am. Not enough sleep? then he is crabby as all get out and running around like a crazy thing to boot!

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