So last week I went back to the Dr because my finger STILL isn’t feeling 100%, and I had been on SERIOUS antibiotics for over a week. When I get to the examination room, I try to relax a bit, taking deep breaths, hoping that the medication for the blood pressure had had some effect. So imagine my surprise when the nurse took my blood pressure and it was 124/84…

Yeah, let THAT sink in a bit.

My Dr in to examine my finger, and I mentioned the blood pressure. He was just a tad surprised as well. Then it hit me – I asked him if it was possible that my constant sudafed taking could have artificially raised my blood pressure that much. He said it absolutely could have, and since I hadn’t taken it in over a week (I have had awful sinus issues since my little guy was born), it probably WAS the culprit, and I could discontinue the blood pressure medication…


So, yeah – no more high blood pressure, thank goodness. But now I have to find alternatives to relieving the pain in my face most mornings…

PS – “The Women” was great! Full review to come!! 😀

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  1. Hummm……after the brith of my two daughters I too had serious sinus trouble. I didn’t have many problems before I had the girls. I ended up having many surgeries and hospitalizations. About this time last year they dicovered my blood sugar was really high. I now take diabetic meds and have not had a serious sinus infection in about a year. I do not know what it is about giving birth that trigerred it. I wish I could figure it out!

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  2. I saw The Women last night, and I loved it, too! I haven’t enjoyed a movie that much in a long time.

    Good news about your blood pressure, but what about your finger? With what we’ve been through at our house over the past couple of weeks, I’m paranoid about staph and MRSA. Did your doctor culture you owie?

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