7 weird things (like that even BEGINS to cover it)

I have been tagged for this a couple of times recently, so here are my 7 (more like 7000) weird things:

1. I am a compulsive composition notebook hoarder. I alwasy have to have one nearby to write down the random stuff that pops into my head.

2. I knew Gary Coleman as a kid – he lived nearby, and my dad used to work at the model railroad shop he got all of his trains at. I was a couple of years older, and it was just as Different Strokes came out.

3. I prefer Grease 2 over the original (cooooool rider…)

4. When I was little , I swore I would marry Jimmy Osmond, since my family was LDS.

5. My guilty pleasure – I LOVE the “Girls Next Door”. Especially Bridget…

6. I have a rib that pops when I take a deep inhale .

7. I lived in Honolulu for six weeks…my next door neighbor was an “escort”.

Ok, if you haven’t done this yet it’s YOUR turn!


  1. now what kind of person prefers grease 2 over the original?! come on, now! 🙂 i kid, i kid.

    and i had no idea your family was lds!

  2. How fun. But Grease 2…seriously? Ha! I should talk, I bought the DVD for myself when I went Christmas shopping! “Re-pro-duction…RE-production!”

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