pr_700p_device.jpgI was beside myself because my lifeline -aka Zoey-was brokeded (according to Connor). Lost data, kept resetting, was just a mess…I went thru 3 replacement handsets and they all did the same thing…eventually.  I had just given up hope when I called Palm ONE MORE TIME, and actually got someone who took the initative to ask me more questions and figured out it was my charger causing all the problems, not the phones themselves…now I have my baby back, and I couldn’t be happier…so whoever you were (I kick myself now for not getting his name), thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

 PS-now, if you could just make them prettier… 😉

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  1. found you from a link on a cupcake site, i’ve really enjoyed reading through your archives
    just fyi…if you have a 650 or 600, there was just a class action law suit filed against Treo and if you’ve ever had it repaired you can get $50! i was happy to hear the news as my treo hasn’t always been on his best behavior & fifty bucks is fifty bucks!

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