BlissDom 2010

I don’t even know where to begin – how can you put into words all the many squeezes my heart felt in such a short period of time? How could I know that one of my dearest online friends would introduce me to the sister I never knew I had and my hair twin (and owner of the BEST blog name ever!)?


Or that a man with a red rubber ball could make me rethink so much about parenting, life and even blogging?

…that I would get to hang out for a bit with one of the most amazing writers/photographers/moms I know?

Or that I could feel like a 15 year old giggling girl just by being within 2 (TWO!!!) feet of this guy:


It was a joy to see faces I knew from last year, and to see new faces too – there never seemed to be enough time to sit and talk, even though that’s all we did!

I also lucked out in the roommate department again this year – I had the hysterical, smart, and truly lovely Stiletto Mom as my roomie –


Can you stand the fabulousness??? In case you live under a rock, that is Miss Alli kissing my roomie, and is the fabulous behind the BlissDom Conference along with Barbara and Paula. They gave us an inspiring, wonderful weekend, and I am insanely grateful they chose to include me again this year.

NEXT UP – Shwag, the photography workshop, love for ConAgra and who the heck is George Duran?

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  1. Didn’t ConAgra rock the house? I was totally impressed.
    And I actually already knew who George Duran was, but I got an autographed cookbook and love him even more!
    And don’t get me started on Harry. I could relive that weekend forever!

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