Mary and Maureen’s story inspired me so much I had to share a bit more with you…

Mary Green, a working mother of four and breast cancer survivor since 1999 is the founder and  inspiration for Bunco for Breast Cancer.   Mary’s friends in Clarendon Hills, Illinois decided to donate their February 2001 Bunco pot to charity in her honor.  They wanted to prove they could make a difference while having fun. And, after much research and careful consideration, they designated  The Breast Cancer Research Foundation as their sole beneficiary.

“BCRF has been an amazing source of support and information. They have embraced my charity, Bunco For Breast Cancer, and we are collaborating to raise money for research.” – Mary Green, Founder, Bunco For Breast Cancer

This was Mary (second from left) and her friend Maureen this weekend, with Naomi Judd and Erinn from the Breast Cancer Research Foundation:

Maureen, Mary, Naomi, Erin


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