The Contenders:

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ELECTRASOL® Advanced                                                                     Cascade Complete

The Challenge:

Fun with Ravioli


I did 2 things for the challenge: washed similarly spaghetti-coated loads with each product, then observed the general results of each product over the course of 2 weeks…WAYYYYYYYYYYY scientific…

First, I have to give Electrasol one strike right off the bat-it has a flip-top cap. Which under normal circumstances would be ok, but when you have Houdini Jr as a son, and said son has foiled every child lock known to man-it doesn’t fly…BAD Electrasol!

After the double spaghetti trial, it seemed that each did a equal job at cleaning both dishes and glasses. Upon further examination, the Electrasol left a bit more remnants of my oh-so-excellent dinner on the pot I cooked the sauce in, but left absolutely no spotting on the glasses. The Cascade left my dishes spotless, but the glasses could have been a bit less cloudy.

During the 2 week trial, both perfromed equally well on normal loads, but the Cascade edged out the Electrasol on really messy and/or dried on foods. One thing I really paid attention to was sippy cups. My sons manage to leave them everywhere, and I am really squeamish about even 2 hours-old milk in the cups-I want them practically sanitized. Cascade really comes through here, while the Electrasol left a bit of a (gag) smell in them.

So…after 2 rounds, the winner (by a queasy tummy):

Cascade Complete!

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  1. This is good to know. We use a range of dishwashing detergents (usually whatever name product is on sale) so I am not sure that I even noticed there was much difference. I guess I should take a better look more often.

  2. Fascinating information. Next will you compare Cascade to the Costco Kirkland brand (liquid)??

    Just stumbled upon your blog, and I love it!

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