Febreze Candles

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I was recently sent a Febreze Candle to try out, and while I LOVE the smell of plain ol Febreze, these candles really blow that scent out of the park. I have always hated how you get these great smelling candles, only to actually light them and the smell just disappears…not with these! Not only does the candle have a nice smell just sitting there, but when you light it, the smell really goes all thru the house-not in an awful cloying way, but just a subtle aroma. I had the opportunity to try the Apple Spice & Delight, and it is THE perfect scent for this time of year. Being a Febreze junkie AND a scent junkie, this candle had a lot to live up to, and it passed with flying colors!

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  1. Okay….so now I know that it will be money well spent….but I want to know how I can get “freebies” too!!!! Share the wisdom?!?!

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