Thank you so much for linking to me Alison! I have loved your site for a long time, and I could swear I had your link here before I switched over…no matter, I will fix that right away 😉 . Thank you too to all her readers who have stopped by to visit. I am usually MUCH more DOMESTIC and homemaker-y than the last few posts have demonstrated, but between one thing and another, my creative mojo has called in sick. To make up for it, I will enter anyone who coments here today in a drawing for a special little made-by-me goody. My mojo has until this weekend to shape up, and I will post the winner and their prize on Friday…

Thanks again Alison! I will be emailing for your address too!!


PS-this goes for my new stumble-upon friends too!!

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  1. I LOVE discovering, by accident, great blogs! Thanks for sharing all the great recipes, etc!!

  2. Never apologize…you are fabulous and I have happily stumbled upon you! You still have airwave mojo that has inspired me to make an apron today! Yea!! I want to be a “chicky” too!!!

  3. Just popped over from Brochante Chronicles to meet a new friend. Hello! Gill.

  4. Another wonderful site to visit with my morning java! Heard about you through Brocante Home. I always need inspiration and I’m looking forward to reading your blog.

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