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The Apronista consists of a blog with over 500 subscribers, and a forum of over 800 members. It’s a place where Apron lovers, makers, and collectors from all over can gather to share resources, shops, and enthusiasm for Aprons, and all manners of Homemaking.

Apronista Readers (and forum members)are mostly:

  • women
  • 25-55 years old
  • stay at home moms, homemakers, household decision makers
  • creative and enterprising
  • enjoy cooking, baking, sewing

Featured Content on the Apronista

  • Resources (places to buy aprons, materials and supplies)
  • Shopping
  • Homemaking
  • Cooking
  • Entertaining
  • Apron Giveaways
  • Lifestyle
  • Patterns & Tutorials


Adspace available:

  • 125 px x 125 px
  • Top right box, visible above the fold
  • quarterly, monthly and weekly rates available
  • lower column rates available

Email me for current rates


To sponsor a monthly Apron Giveaway, you must submit an Apron or item for review, and provide a giveaway for our readers. In return, I will direct traffic to your site thru giveaways, blog, twitter and facebook posts and place you in a top ad spot for the month in which your giveaway is featured. Reservations are taken on a first come first serve basis-email me for availablilty.


To be a featured Apronista, you must submit an Apron or merchandise for review, and a discount for Apronista readers. In return, I will direct traffic to your site thru blog, twitter and facebook posts, and place you in the top spot of the lower ad column for the month you are featured. Reservations for featured Apronistas are taken on a first come-first served basis – email me for availability.

I welcome any and all questions, offers, and inquiries at theapronista(at)gmail(dot)com

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