My Favorite Pinterest Tips

Who isn’t in love with Pinterest? I admit I didn’t “get it” at first…but it didn’t take long. 51 boards and a few thousand pins later, I guess you could say I’m a junkie…It’s also an amazing way to drive traffic to your blog and help build your web presence. I have clients who have created AMAZING traffic for themselves using pinterest, and I’ve even seen a recipe of mine go viral when a friend created a Pinterest friendly post about it…

  1. Create images with Pinterest in mind
    • Add text to your images (using Pic Monkey or other photo editing software)
    • You can also add your URL!!
    • Use natural light as much as possible
    • Action images do better than static “product” shots
    • Style your photos with accessories and props
  2. Have a call to action on your blog
    • Link to your Pinterest account in your sidebar.
    • You can also add a pin button to every image.
    • Place a call to action at the bottom of both your posts and feed entries.
    • List 2-3 of your most pinned images on your sidebar.
  3. Describe your image

    • use the description function when you upload images.
    • Whatever you place in the description of your image becomes the text of the pin as it is pinned – be as descriptive as possible!!
    • Use Keywords
  4. Make the best use of your Boards

    • Use creative (but relevant!) titles.
    • Have a wide variety.
    • Use the private boards for…well, things you want to (or should!) keep private.
  5. Don’t spam

    • No one minds when you pin one of your posts, but when you’re pinning 10 things in a row from your blog, it’s too much.
    • Try to pin (or re-pin) 10 things for every pin from your own content.
    • Check for valid links in your pins – if I can’t check out a link right away I will “like” it instead.

I hope these ideas help you make the most of your Pinterest time – I’ll try to add more tips from time to time – I get so busy helping clients that I forget others could benefit from some of my knowledge too! I would love your feedback on what you would like to see – blogging tips, SEO, design dos and don’ts, photo tips…I would love to do a Q&A if there is any interest as well! I also have a lot of great pins on my blogging tips board on Pinterest

PS – don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest!!

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  1. I love pinterest! Great tips! Also use Pinalerts to track what's pinned from your site and get daily reports!!

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