Today, we ponder the most important fuel of all – the snacks of the open road…

Obviously, this is one of the essentials:


 And some of these (SO yummy):


And maybe another one of these:


I only have 4 hours to drive, but it has always been tradition (mine I guess) to stop here on the way there:


But, since I have come to love the goodness that is Guy Fieri


(even the name is sexy)

 I am thinking I want to stop in Baker, to eat here:


Since he said to.


What are your favorite on-the-road snacks? Your must-haves for any road trip? Favorite candy? Drinks?

PS – and we think gas is expensive…a gallon of Caramel Macchiatto (sp?) would cost $40!!

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  1. I cannot travel without Twizzlers. . .actually I can’t do much without Twizzlers. There is always a bag at my house!

  2. I love Guy Fieri! And if I happened to have one of his recommended spots within spitting distance, you can bet I’d be stopping there! Plus, duh, it’s Greek food. Does food get any yummier? Let me know how it is!

  3. I get mini donuts for every long (over two hours) car trip. I never eat donuts otherwise and I’m not sure where the obsession comes from but there it is. I will also get a completely random soda like grape or orange just because.


  4. Hey girl–I think of all sorts of things in terms of gallons too! Like sour cream and other food stuff so I can think of the price in my head!

    PS I got my mom cards and LOVE them! Thank you!

  5. When I lived in California, I ate at the Mad Greek all the time!

    I like Corn Nuts and Orange Juice, and chocolate mini-donuts with chocolate milk. I guess roads trips are a great time to gain weight, eh? 😉

  6. You definitely need licorice. Red Vine.

    I have to agree that $40/gallon of Carmel Macchiato is a bit steep, but it’s far more efficient than regular gasoline and it’s more environmentally friendly. So, let’s call it being “green” – as in Starbucks Mermaid and straws green and justify it.

    Undomestic Diva

  7. Definitely Starbucks! Yum! You are making me crazy with all that food talk 🙂 Enjoy your travels. We have only been to Vegas once, but maybe my Bunco league can attend sometime. That looks like so much fun!

  8. For a road trip I NEED Milk Duds but Sugar Babies will do in a pinch to satisfy the sweet tooth. For the crunch tooth, nothing but stinky ole’ Doritos will do. Also, we have to stop for at least one chocolate milkshake along the way.

  9. oh…Greek food and coffee..not together. Barstow is the best on road trips!!
    Truck stop diners…the best.
    Glad you are having fun!

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