I occasionally field questions about hair & makeup, having done it for – yikes! – 17 years, so I thought I would share some secrets and tips…

1. Yes, salon products are better than drugstore. BUT there are a couple of non-salon brands that are as good. Vive by L’oreal for one, which is virtually the same formula at Kerast@sse,  but it’s $4 a bottle, instead of $20.

2. PLEASE don’t show up sick to your hair appointment – don’t make me pull out the face masks! 😉

3. Don’t forget your stylist at Christmas! Even a little baggie of homemade cookies or a $5 starbucks card makes us feel special.

4. Taking pictures to your stylist of styles you like is great…but listen when she says your big ol curly head of hair isn’t going to look like a sleek bob…

5. It’s a curling iron, NOT a magic wand.

6. Hair DOES fall out in gobs after you have a baby, and it WILL grow back.

7. Want your stylist to LOVE you? Tell your friends about him/her. Chances are they’ll reward you later on.

8. Two words you should NEVER say to a stylist (unless you are VERY brave) – “Surprise me!”

9. Did I mention stylists LOVE goodies?!?

10. Many stylists are open to bartering. I used to get my oil changed, my business cards printed,  perfume testers, car washes, free advertising, all from clients. It never hurts to ask!

11. Even in light of the above, remember that this IS a business, and just as you wouldn’t accept your boss asking you to take a cut in pay, don’t ask to pay less just because. If you can’t afford to come, give us the opportunity to offer a solution.

12. We are creative sensitive souls, and it hurts us to see you go , for whatever reason. Please be gentle. 😉

13. Dont forget to bring us ALL the good gossip. And the occasional starbucks doesn’t hurt either!

Big dood’s 5th (gah!) Birthday is this weekend…will update from the zoo!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I love my stylist and don’t think I could survive without my cut & color every six weeks. When my hair looks yucky–I feel yucky! There are many luxuries I will forgo but my stylist is not one of them.

  2. Thanks for the advice! I love my stylist. He’s a snarky angel. I just don’t get to see him often because he’s an hour and a half away. But he’s fabulous!!!
    Have fun at the birthday! My big one turns 4 on Sunday *gasp* *thud*

  3. Hmmm, I wonder if my stylist might like goodies? 😉 I’ve been growing my hair out forever now and I’m so sick of it. I’m seriously thinking about wacking it off. I think my stylist would love to get her hands on me!

  4. this is great!!! thanks for the info. i didn’t know you were a stylist! i wish i lived nearby – a good stylist is hard to find!

  5. This is awesome! True story…I was a stylist for about a year before I decided it wasn’t the job for me and became a librarian instead. It’s tough making people look fabulous and I just wasn’t cut out for it back in my 20’s(I was sooo shy and timid). Now, there are days I’d give anything if I’d have held on to my license and kept it up! 🙂

    It’s a tough job, but I’ll bet you are stellar at it!

  6. Thanks for the advice! I don’t know if the guy who did my hair twice would be considered my “stylist” (sine it’s only been twice and I wouldn’t consider that regular), but I think of him that way! I love it when he does my hair, so when I call for appointments, I usually get him. He talks to my fiance (who he was in school with) and me abuot our wedding and all kinds of stuff. It makes getting my hair done even more fun 🙂 He does a great job too!

    I will definitely remember him this Christmas 😀

  7. Speaking as a fellow (gal) stylist. I can say “truedat”. to the above. I am so fortunate to have such lovely people in my clientele. People who spoil me with coffee upon occasion. And the fact that they remember me at Christmas humbles me. Such sweet people. Love them.

  8. This is a great list! I agree with you on products. The scent is TOTALLY different and way better than drugstore. They also control frizz and flyaways better.

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