vicks_top_img3.jpg I had the opportunity to review a package of  Puffs with Vicks that were sent to me a few weeks ago – what a genius to come up with these! The nostalgically (?) comforting smell of vicks always makes me feel a teensy bit better, and putting it in a tissue definitely makes the dreaded nose blowing a bit more bearable, especially for the boys, who would rather eat liver than blow their noses…(ok, they’ve never had liver, but you get the idea :D) I have already purchased 2 more boxes in anticiaption of the bug that has invaded my house this week.

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  1. Dang! I didn’t see these the other day. I have three little ones coughing and sneezing that could benefit totally!

    Have you ever seen the cherry kids Vicks Vapo Rub? If I can ever find that again I’m buying a case!

    Also have you ever seen the email that says to put Vicks on your feet for chronic cough? *L* We tried it for our daughter. Didn’t help.

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