Ok, maybe not my sanity – there might not be much help for that…

You might remember a few weeks ago I was invited to participate in a conference with Laura Rowley and Kodakabout saving money around the house.  I learned SO much about little ways I could save, including using power strips to turn off “vampire appliances” and making more meals at home. I was also invited to try one of Kodak’s new printers at home to help save money on printer ink. A no-brainer, right? I checked the Kodak Print and Prosperwebsite to see how much I could save on ink, and it was almost $200/year! Total no-brainer!

Kodak ESP-7

The Kodak ESP-7 Printer really does do just about everything (except dishes *sigh*). I can pop in my camera’s memory card and print right from the card! I used it to scan fabrics for a clients blog design, and printed out some pictures from my trip to Cincinnati – all in a matter of minutes. The best part is that I can connect the printer via my wireless router, and print from another room (*swoon*)! No more switching computers JUST to print!

Ok, so that’s all well and good, but what about YOU?? Well, Kodak has generously offered all of us who participated in this promotion a printer to give to one of our readers!! To top that off, out of all 25 winners, one of them will be chosen to recieve a scholarship to BlogHer!  Meet fabulous women, listen to the best collected advice from seasoned bloggers, and see the sights in Chicago!

So – how do you enter?? Well, I thought I would make it fun and offer a couple different ways:

1. Go to Print & Prosper and find out how much you would save using a Kodak Printer. Come back here and comment with your #.

for another entry:

2. Tell me in the comments what YOU would do with a new printer – print out all your kids photos? Scan old photos to show on YOUR blog? I have some projects in mind to share here!

and one more:

3. Tweet this giveaway with the hashtag #chickyprint – I will add these entries to the pool!

Good luck! This giveaway will run til Friday May 1st at 9pm PST. Winner will be drawn at random and posted Monday May 4th.

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  1. Okay, how disturbing is it that as I pushed that little slider bar over my screen got very inky.

    I would save $162.37. I couldn’t find my printer, so I had to use the nat’l average. but if I’m being honest…

    you know that commericial where the kids live in the camera and groan as they get deleted? That’s me. I rarely print photos because its cost prohibitive.

    And um, my hubby’s a photographer. We have soooo many beautiful photos trapped on various DVDs, hard drives and flash cards. What a joy it would be to actually feel like printing was not sucking the ‘fun money’ out of our budget.

    What a cool give away. Thanks, Kodak, for the chance to win. And thanks, Chicky, for tweeting it. I followed you here from twitter.

    Hope I win!


  2. What I would do with this printer:

    I would love to print and frame some of my husband’s beautiful photos. They are special to me, not just because of the subjects in them, but because I know my hubby would love seeing his work on our home’s walls.

    Secondly, my mother-in-law has 5 children and a stack of photos in old cigar boxes. I would love to scan them all in and print copies for all the siblings. These are priceless photos of my husbands childhood and only 1 copy of each photo. I could then photo restore the 70s patina with Photoshop and make high quality prints for my parents- and sisters-in law.

    I’m a sentimental fool. 😉

  3. And what I plan to do with the printer is scan my photos from BlogHer 09–I really want to go this year. That and send more photos of the girls with my hubby on his business trips–he travels a lot.

  4. Oh, wow!
    My family would save $284! 🙁
    Between documents, photos, tags and everything else we’re printing, man alive!!!
    We each run our own business, so printing is a must, and with a photographer hubby, well, our hard drive needs to be cleaned out all the time, and most of our photos are on discs too, LOL!

    I think what I would love to do the most would be to scan and re-print a lot of my old family photos. You know, the kind where the edges are all cracking and tearing apart… The old black and white ones. I’d love to print them out!

  5. I would use the printer to print pictures of my youngest 2 kiddos, so I could work on their scrapbooks. My older 2, have tons of photos of them, because it was pre-digital cameras when they were little, but my youngest ones, are just stored on a card, or my computer!

  6. What would I do with this printer?

    Because of his medical issues Parker can’t go to school.

    Which means we’ll be homeschooling him.

    I’d use this printer to be able to print off great pre-school, Kindergarten etc. units in color! How wonderful would that be!

    Color pictures of bugs, frogs, and all the great things little boys love to learn about.

  7. I’d save $144.85 WOW that surprised me. I would also print more photos as I’d love to if I got better pictures. My current scanner/photo printer is really bad. I can’t stand to print photos on it yet that is what it is made for but I don’t see how from the lack of quality photos it puts out. Very disappointed in it.

  8. I would print out so many of the photos I’ve wanted to print for so long if I only had a printer that would put out really nice prints.

  9. K, how sad is this– I don’t even OWN a printer! And I need one SOOO very badly!! I have to take my little zip drive with me to the copy center down the street every time I need something printed (which is at least 3 times a week), so I guarantee I’ve paid WAY too much making prints. 🙁 What would I make with this little gem?? OJ&Co tags, instruction sheets, photos, shipping labels…TONS of fun stuff!

  10. My printer isn’t listed in the calculator but based on their ink price and how many ink cartridges I bought last year-I’d save more than $150 a year. Two ink cartridges for my printer cost just under $100 so this would be a significant savings for us. More importantly, I’d use it more often than my existing HP DeskJet 6210. I wouldn’t have to hook up my laptop every time I wanted to scan or print anything which is difficult and extremely limiting when the printer is in one room and the laptop is in another!

  11. I’d scan tons of the kids art projects, print photos, color swatches, recipes, craft ideas, etc. There’s just tons of stuff I’d print either from my camera or the computer to increase my creativity and enhance my ability to share on my blog!

  12. Okay, seriously $211.68. That’s just wrong! Actually I think it would be even more cause if I printed all the stuff I WANTED to print and not just want needed printing then my entire screen would have gone inky black with the little slider bar calculator.

    Plus this is a scanner too! How great would it be to take the photo of my husband’s grandmother and scan it in- touch it up and print copies out for the entire family. That right there is priceless.

    What a great contest and opportunity for a lucky blogging mom to head to BlogHer ’09!

  13. I could SAVE 95.00 !!
    Wish I could buy a printer now.. my lexmark is out of ink.. I save millions of knit and sewing patterns & still have to write them out to sew or knit them .. printer ink is SO expensive for the lex! I don’t even think I can get them refilled ?
    Not to mention things my dd wants printed.
    !UGH !

  14. I’d love to print out all the pictures of my kiddos from home. With 2 under 2, I don’t get out as often as I’d like 🙂

  15. I am over $65.40, which would pay for about 3.5 hours of my BlogHer trip…

    My husband doesn’t have a printer attached to his computer so he emails everything he needs to print to me. This would stop that!!!

  16. I overpaid $124.03.

    If I had this printer, I would actually start printing off some recent pictures of my kids. I did it when they were babies and those are the ones around our house. It just got too complicated and expensive to keep doing it so I stopped. I would definitely start printing recent pics with this printer.


  17. If I had this printer, I would actually start printing off some recent pictures of my kids. I did it when they were babies and those are the ones around our house. It just got too complicated and expensive to keep doing it so I stopped. I would definitely start printing recent pics with this printer.

  18. Oh, it has a scanner on it… we haven’t had a scanner in a few years, and it would be so nice to have that capability again.

    I would also use the printer for pictures of the kids… scrapbooking. As well as all the items we print daily for our homeschooling!

    Oh the possibilities are endless!

  19. I would print out all those pictures I’ve been storing on discs; been trying to save money by not printing them.

  20. The project….. I didn’t even think of scanning pictures…. but that would probably be the first thing. I would love to scan all the pics pre-digital camera!!

    Maybe do a Blurp book for each of my kids!! Prefect for my daughter who will soon be five to have all her pics in a book:) I love my kids’ pictures:)

    Might even have to scan some old college pics to reminsce wih friends on Facebook:)

  21. I lived in France for a year during college. SEVEN years ago, I went to a reunion and took my scrapbook. I promised I would scan my scrapbook in for the friends that went with me. Still have not done it! If I win something like this, hopefully it will motivate me to get going. Thanks for the opportunity to learn about kodak printers and possibly win one.

  22. My printer isn’t listed. But, I know I would save a lot of money because the ink for my printer is $50 a pop. I would use the money I save to go towards a tubal reversal surgery I am saving the money to have done. I want more kids! Thanks =)

  23. I would use this printer for my home business and also to print out the seven years worth of pictures I have on my computer just waiting to be printed and scrapbooked. =)

  24. I would save close to $80.00! Oh, the plans I would have……..I would print more photos – and I would finally get my fantasy stairwell of family photos done!

  25. I would save $120 a month. I had no idea I could save this much with this type of printer. I think this is the time to win this printer so I can save some money. Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. I overpaid by $226.35! Yikes!

    I print a lot of shipping labels for eBay! I would use this printer to do that and I would stop sinking money into having my digital pics printed at the store photo counter!


  27. I can think of so many things I would do! I would scan old pictures, I would make my own invitiations and announcements and use it to send thank you notes to Kodak, Domestic Chicky and Blogher if I win!

  28. Looks Like I would save $310 a year, wow. Anything helps in a tough year like this one.

  29. What I would do with the printer…well I just started working from home, so this printer would do everything from print presentations to begin the process of organizing the scattered photos that need to be scanned in to the computer. Great giveaway.

  30. I would save $135.81 This would be a great way for me to get my photos off CD’s and into some photo albums. We have our very first grandchild 18 1/2 months old, and we also still have twin 13 year old daughters still at home. So this would help doing school projects, papers, homework, etc., Many times I have to tell the girls no that they can’t print something because of the very reason this is all about – ink cost. It’s like liquid gold at our house. We were doing two science projects last night and something needed to be printed out and our color was gone, so it came out funny and it prints horrible pictures…so anyway I hope we get picked. We actually went without a printer at all because of ink costs for about 5 years, but with the girls in jr high about to start high school, we got a great deal on the printer we have and gave it to them for a Christmas present. It already needs ink and we conserve it like crazy.

  31. it says $234, but I couldn’t get it to work right for me – mostly print in black and white but….i’d probably start doing more pictures if I had this cool kodak printer!

  32. I would save $244.10!!! Wow~I never knew that it really cost that much to print at home..

  33. If I were to win this I would print pictures of my grandchildren as my kids only send me the electronic ones! 🙂

  34. I would print off my kids pictures and put them on the collage board I am planning on starting. I want to make a collage each year with pictures then frame or laminate them. Please win! Please Win!

  35. Though they didn’t have my specific HP printer to select {because it is THAT old} the print & prosper thinks I would save at lest $73.81/year. That’s impressive!

  36. I would use the kodak printer mostly to print out pictures of my daughter… I had over 1200 pictures of her before she was 7 months old. That scares me…

  37. I would do SO much with a new printer! I’d print coupons and I’d print photos! which i haven’t done in 2 years and now have SO many baby pics that I need to print to send out to family!!

  38. i would save about 100 bucks … maybe more if you count the 2-3 oz of ink that end up all over my hands and under my fingernails each time i try to change the cartridge!

  39. Bonus entry – My husband has been scanning old photos for the family tree (and when I say old, I mean of his great-grandparents and that era). I would see if he wants to use the Kodak for his project!

  40. With a new printer I would scan lots of old photos and scrapbook them. I’d also scan some of my favorite recipes to create a cookbook for my kids.

  41. With a new printer, I’d print business flyers from home, scan photos for a family blog and print a lot of photos at home – this would be an amazing prize, thanks for the opportunity to win.

  42. $174.48! wow!

    I would print more photos at home if I had a cheaper way to do it! Maybe I could get my photo album caught up.


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