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Do you know there are things in every room of your house you can do to save money? This morning I was one of 20 bloggers invited to participate in a video conference withKodak and  Laura Rowley, who writes for Yahoo! Finance and author of  her own books on finance and money.  She had some great ideas, and the other blogging moms contributed even more! These include:

  • Turning off “vampire” appliances  – computers, tvs, cable boxes – thes can represent up to 5% of your total electric bill!
  • Consumer reports states that up tp 65% of “dry clean only” clothes can be washed in the laundry on the gentle cycles (see The Laundress – great site about laundry!)
  • The average family spends $2700 a year on food out – try to plan at least 5 meals a week to eat AT home.
  • Use your computer to find savings – print out coupons (try couponmom, a full cup) , find codes from redbox to get videos, plan affordable trips. Little Miss Know it All has some more great coupon ideas!
  • Use skype for free teleconferencing and Fax Zero for free faxes
  • Kodak’s new printers can save you up to $110 a year on ink!
  • Call your cable, and phone companies and ASK if they can do better on your bill.

…and many more that I will be sharing soon!!! 

It was great to know that  Kodak was so concerned about moms and families saving money! Make sure you go over to Print and Prosper to see how much you COULD be saving on ink each year!!

photo by Oracio Alvarado

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  1. I question Kodak’s intent to save moms and families money, since they just raised the prices for photo storage on Kodak Gallery, up to $20 a year.

  2. I just wanted to say that I really liked this post! I always love what you have to say, but this one really hit home. My blog “The Thrifty Threndsetter” is all about ways to save money, and this is a passion of mine, so I always enjoy other’s tips! Thanks!

  3. I’ve seen that Kodak commercial and actually plan on buying that printer now that were on a stricter budget with DH retiring I need to save where I can. I also just recently purchased the magicjack and IT WORKS!!! You get clear phone service through your puter 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the info….

  4. Why anyone looking to reduce their spending would consider a Kodak printer at $149-299 to make prints at a minimum of $0.15 when they could get better quality output at sites like Snapfish for $0.09 per print is beyond me.

    The only ones looking to prosper here are Kodak steering people to higher margin ink products from higher value photographic products.

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