Only 45 days til Christmas? Holy Moly!

I have to admit though, that I love listening to Christmas music right now – so many of the gifts I have been giving lately I make, so the music keeps me in a holiday mood while I am sewing, or baking. By the time Christmas actually comes, I am Kris Kringle incarnate, and on December 26th, I crash…HARD.

I am almost done with my Thanksgiving menu – I have some classics – Green Bean Casserole, homemade rolls, Jello salad…as soon as I get the menu pinned down exactly, I will post it here with recipes. I am also trying pumpkin pie with pumpkin I got from a real live pumpkin – anyone have any experience with that? Is it better, worse?

One of the gifts I am making are the bird ornaments pictured above – that isn’t mine though – it’s from the tutorial, which can be found at Sunshine’s Creations. I wil be attaching one of the birds to all of my gifts, and cookie packages. I am making as many gifts as I can, and since I have my fancy shmancy camera now (I love it SO much I got one of my friends to buy one too!), I will be taking a bunch of pictures as I make progress. I have a couple of quilts to finish, a bunch of jammie pants to make, aprons of course, and who knows what else!

If you are feeling the crafty bug this year, check out 30 days of Handmade Holidays over at Sew Mama Sew – there are tons of tutorials for all skill levels!

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  1. Holy crap. Forget the actual Christmas planning, shopping, baking, decorating…ACK! I need to be moved into my new house by Christmas!!! And there’s so much to do yet…

    But I love those birdies! People are gonna love ’em.

  2. ACK! I better get busy…it’s almost here! And I’ve been wondering if it’s too early for Christmas music! Thanks for giving me the OK to bust out the Carols. 😉

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