Icy Cold Lemonade Anyone?

This is what I came home to:

Icy Cold Lemonade anyone?

You remember I live in California, right?? See? Lemon tree!

So now that I got all the sap out of the way yesterday (last night), I will be posting more about all the luscious ladies I met this weekend, point you to some pictures that came out better than the way lame-o ones I took (except for these gorgeous ladies), and since the lovely Melissa is threatening blackmail encouraging me to share, tell you how I shoplifted an exquisite bag to show my adoration for in front of Blogging Supah-Stars.

BlissDom Post of the day – I’m with the band – Anissa (Hope for Peyton)

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  1. Just found you through Twitter. I can’t get over that snow….although it’s common here in Wisconsin. Hope you have a great day….off to snoop around a bit more!!

  2. I had soooooo much fun with you–I can’t wait to hang out with you at BlogHer!

    (I followed the link from Jen’s blog–she’s linked to me before, so prepare for a stampede!)

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