The lovely people at Best buy have sent me a new goodie to try, and along with my current computer issues ( I’m posting from my phone-which deserves a post all it’s own), it has let me make the most of my creative time.
How cool is it? Well, it plays cd’s, which is great all by itself, but you can hook it up to a tv and play dvd’s! AND-it has a port on top for your mp3 player/ipod! I am really excited about that part, since the geek in me just discovered podcasts on itunes-I had no idea you could get such cool stuff…for free! NPR, old time radio, comedy, travel stuff…fun!
But I digress (not unusual)- I am so in love with my little shelf system, because since I have been spending so much time sewing lately (did I mention computer issues?), listening to podcasts and my favorite chick mix and Christmas music has made it that much more fun. Thanx again Best Buy!!
Link – (it’s on sale too!)

I am hoping to be back next week barring any unforseen computer issues (help me geek squad!) so I can share some Christmas cheer!! Until then, Happy Holidays!!!!!

Domestic Chicky

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