I met so many wonderful women at BlissDom that I couldn’t even begin to name them all – but I am going to share with you my lovely Next-Door Roomies:

First there is The Nester – she’s so popular now you have to capitalize her – THE NESTER.  I worked with her a while back when I did some mommy cards for her, and she is just as nice and sweet (and funny) as she seems on her blog.  I love looking at all her “mistreatments”,  and I have taken a bit of what I have learned there and used it in my own home.

Melissa was a witness to my devastatingly embarassing dognapping/shoplifting incident, and don’t let her sugar-y sweet exterior fool you – this one is as devious as they come…NOT! Melissa is a genuinely funny and humble person – if her Inspired Room blog isn’t one of your daily reads, go fix that now…I’ll wait.

Emily is The Nester’s sister – her Chatting at the Sky has to be one of the prettiest blogs I have ever seen, and she takes GORGEOUS pictures. She also has the black cabinet kitchen of my dreams, and is BEYOND sweet.

Then there is Sandy – I don’t think I have ever met a more gracious, lovely, genuine, thoughtful lady in my life – she is the EPITOME of a lady.  4 Reluctant Entertainers is not only a beautiful blog, but I could spend hours in her archives and never get enough. She is an inspiring mother, wife, and friend.

I was so blessed to not only have 3 wonderful roommates at Blissdom, but 4 just-as-wonderful next (nest?) door roomies – I hope I get to see all of you next year!!

PS – one of my most recent clients was someone in the audience during my session, and I am just finishing up her blog  – but here’s a sneak preview!!


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  1. Oh, you haven’t been around me lately while I’m learning my new computer – got a new MAC. I think my family would trade me for a new mom – hee hee.
    Thanks for the kind words, friend! Come see my GREEN stuff …

  2. I’m so glad you like the new blog design! Speaking of, I have to say that header you did for your client…o my loveliness. I wish I had your awesome skilz. So great to meet you in real life, Miss Chicky!

  3. Deanna…so great to hear you all had a good time. Love that little header.

    Did you try to call? I think I saw your # on caller ID???

    If so, try it again. Can’t wait to catch up friend.

  4. Aw, too sweet of you! We had a blast rooming near you and hope we’ll get to do that again soon. No one we’d rather room next to than you!

    Fun times! Dog napper.

    Oh, LOVE the blog work you did, how pretty!


  5. Thanks for all your hard work on the aweseom blog makeover. I can’t tell you enough how much I love it and how I enjoy seeing it every day!
    Not because my face is plastered on there, of course. But I am a wee bit vain. I might even think that blog is about ME. Hmmm.

  6. Thanks for sharing those cool blogs! I know the one that’s coming up with your design. What a team you two must be. That will be one awesome blog!!!

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