I love vintage aprons, but you already knew that right? I love how each one is different. You can almost see the woman’s story in how she sewed each seam. But the aprons I cherish most are those pieced together from scraps, made of old feedsacks or old towels. It shows just how important it was to have a good apron – so important that if money was tight, other items were repurposed to make an apron to meet your needs.

One of my farmgirl friends, Aunt George, has just posted a wonderful tutorial on how to repurpose a man’s shirt into an apron leaving just a handfull of scraps. and as a special bonus she shows how to make the bib part of the apron detachable using buttons. Love this!
And for you non-sewers out there, you can get in on the act as well. Kristin of Kleas has posted a tutorial showing how to make a no sew tool apron (or garden apron) from a worn out pair of jeans. This one is perfect for getting out in the yard or organizing the garage. I can even see this apron being handy for when you host a garage sale – tags in one pocket, change in the other. I might even make one for myself to use when I help my Dad in Texas mend fence on the ranch. This little apron is much more stylish than an old leather pair of chaps.
And we love contributors! If you know of other links for ways to repurpose old clothing into aprons, please let us know and we will add it to our sidebar.


(Thank you for all of the comments and words of encouragement regarding our new little apron blog. And thank you Jane’s Apron for catching my typo. *wink*)

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