WW Wednesday – The Disneyland Edition

This last weekend we took the boys to Disneyland for Mickey’s Trick or Treat (trip report and TONS of pictures to come). There was tons of candy (literally – at least 25 treat stations scattered throughout the park), and since there were only so many tickets sold for this event, not every food venue was open. Which meant my old stand-bys of fresh fruit and veggies weren’t available. So I let myself have one peanut butter cup, and pretended the rest didn’t exist. We were at the park the next day as well, so I was able to make up for the previous night’s excess. There are plenty of stands offering fresh cut pineapple, strawberries, carrots, bananas, apples and oranges – always great choices. You can also find great salads big enough for two at a few different restaurants. So despite being around temptation for 2 days, I still managed to lose 2 pounds last week, bringing my total to 12 altogether – after I gained back 4 from being sick and drinking enough hot cider and hot chocolate to float a boat in, I am pretty happy with my progress so far. I am ready to start exercising again this week since I don’t cough and pee myself to death anytime I exert myself now…

I would love to read any tips you have for exercising and how to schedule it into an already busy schedule, and how you make it less of a chore. I will share mine next week!

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  1. I love Disneyland at Halloween time. If Abbey would have been born a couple months earlier I could justify a trip. That’s what we did last year for Halloween on Halloween night & it was one of the best trips ever!

  2. You’re probably looking even better than you realize — I haven’t seen pounds drop much yet, but people are starting to notice I’m getting smaller and THAT is the best of all.

    I just want to have one Christmas where I like how I look in pictures. Disney is tough, I am a churro fan, so my hat is tipped to you! Or should I say my Mickey Ears 😉

    that girls last blog post..Spotlight: My Inappropriate Boy-Band Crush

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