If you ever needed a little help with the holiday wish list, this is the year that families from Wall Street to Main Street are tightening their gift-giving budgets. The popular website YouCanMakeThis.com can happily save you money without scrimping on sentiments by following these crafty instructions, created by moms for moms. Because the best gifts come from the heart, not the wallet, right?

The website boasts nearly 700 eBooks in 34 categories, each with helpful photos to virtually hand-hold you through each step of every project. All of the guides are formatted in convenient eBooks so you can make your presents while the kids are tucked upstairs in bed. Browse through the website, download your choice immediately after purchase and feel good that your buy puts money in the pocket of the mom who wrote the book.

Still not convinced you can make something worthy of a holiday gift? Tune in to YCMT-TV, conveniently posted on the award-winning website, that takes viewers on a virtual tour of the site and several how-to lessons. It’s as if you’re sitting next to your talented neighbor who’s giving step-by-step directions in a soothing voice. Before you know it, you’ll be installing a zipper, sewing seams, making a ruffle, crafting a name pillow. After all, you can make this.

You Can Make This sent me the Duet Apron pattern to try, and I will be showing you all the results when I finish – AND – make sure you come back next week for a Giveaway from You Can Make This – you can win your choice of e-book (up to a $20 value!) Until then, you can download this Chef’s Hat e-book for FREE !

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