Manic Monday

Blissfully Domestic has launched today, and has gotten off to a great start with Ali posting some great recipes for the week. I have an Apron post coming up this week, and a post about the items in your diaper bag that can do double duty as beauty products. There are a lot of talented ladies contributing to the site!

I did a poll over at the Apronista about expanding the topic a bit to include other kitchen linens, recipes, and other goodies, and it was met with a pretty positive response – Yay! I am excited to bring other types of domestic goodness to the ladies at the Apronista!

Is anyone watching Big Brother? Wow, what a crazy group of people! I have been following some of the goings on thru jokers updates, and I don’t think I have ever seen so much drama this early in the game. They picked an interesting bunch this season!

I have been super busy with design projects the last couple of weeks – 3 websites and some business cards…I will share as soon as I get them done!

I was planning on meeting some bloggy friends next month in Las Vegas, but it looks like I will be there the week before now – I was invited to live-blog the 2008 World Bunco Championship – fun, right? I don’t play bunco, but I bet I’ll be getting a good crash course that weekend. Please let me know if you play or if you will be there – it is taking place at the Planet Hollywood Casino on March 7-9th – I’d love to get some tips!

Remember when I posted about wanting some fingerless gloves?  I did find someone to make them for me, but I also found someone that made me the loveliest scarf, and as soon as I figure out where my camera is, I will post some pictures!

Ok, back to work – I am hoping to get in some sewing this week, but if the last week was any indication, it might have to wait… 😀

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  1. A bunco world championship?! That’s awesome. I do belong to a Bunco group and look forward to it every month. I am excited to hear how it goes for you in Vegas.

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