Sorry to have been so negligent, fellow Apronistas-between the fires out here in California, and Eren relishing a much-needed visit from her darling husband, we have been a couple of busy mamas…we are starting a new weekly feature called “Apron Goodness”, and it will just be fun, informative, or interesting links to aprons all over. PLUS, if you want to participate, email us or comment with the link to yours or someone else’s site, and we will try to get it up the following week!

First off, I want to let you know that next week we will be giving away a Heavenly Hostess Apron right here! Just in time for the Holiday season, Cynthia is giving away a Holiday Hostess Apron PLUS a secret goodie we will reveal next week. So stop by on Monday for all the details!

Just FYI- you still have another week to get your local pride Aprons over to Angry Chicken for this month’s Tie One On Project. If you really want to swoon, check out the collection of all the Tie One On Galleries.

Next, we have the absolute pleasure to be welcoming EllynAnne Geisel to our little site as a contributor. She will be posting periodically as well as writing on her own blog that I’m helping her set up. I can’t wait to see what this Apronista has to share with us!

Check out Joyful Abode’s Swoon-worthy collection of Vintage Aprons for sale…SO adorable!

Then, this morning I came across this cute little site written by Amanda, who has a shop called Butterfly Blue on Etsy…she has a charming collection of aprons, and links to tutorials and patterns.

This is an interesting article on how wearing Aprons helps us “dress” for the parts we play in the home…

On that note, I have a question for you, fellow Apronistas…do you actually WEAR aprons on a daily basis? Do you have different Aprons for different tasks? Ever since I made that apron inspired by Liz’s Everyday Apron (what I am choosing to call mine anyway… 🙂 ), I find myself wearing it ALMOST every day, since I can tuck my phone(email/lifeline device) into one pocket, a little notebook, a pen, my keys if we go somewhere, my wallet, etc…plus I can tuck a towel in the waistband if I am cooking for wiping my hands…which seems to stay in there all day as well-comes in handy for wiping dirty little hands too!

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