Hi Everyone! Sorry to be so late in posting! It has been crazy insane at Casa De La Chicky! We have some winners to announce, and then another darling giveaway to announce. First things first though – the winners!

First, for the Creative Outlet Designs Apron, our random generator picked the following comment:

Maren said…
I love all her aprons… but the Santa Baby one says, “come over here, I can be naughty… but oh so nice.”
December 6, 2007 2:48 PM
Ha! I love that comment! Congratulations Maren – send me your info to theapronista(at) gmail(dot)com, and I will pass it on to Megan!

Second, for the Be-Bop’s Partywear Giveaway, the random generator picked the following comment:

Princess of Everything (and then some) said…
I love the Gracie apron but it is sold out. I am in love with the black and white oops one too!!
December 3, 2007 12:12 PM

Congratulations Princess ! Send me your mailing info as well, and I will pass it along to Molly.

Thanks again for everyone who participated in all the giveaways, and to everyone who entered, it has been fun and crazy, and I am looking forward to our Monthly giveaways next year! We have one (maybe two!)more posts to do this week, and then Eren and I will be taking a little break til the new year, where one of you has the opportunity to win a little something from myself, Eren, AND EllynAnne Geisel!

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