Q & A Photo Meme

I have seen this around a bit, and I am so creatively challenged right now that memes are all I am up for lately…it’s like a meme – a – palooza! (but without the beer and topless chicks -hey, cover up back there!)

1. Age I will be on my next birthday (A dozen cookies to the first person who gives the right answer)

Guess how old I am!?!

2. Place I would LOVE to go:

Mais Oui! Paris! 

3. Favorite Place I’ve been:

Oh, how I miss this sign!

 4. Favorite Objects:

Aprons! (the boots are cute too...)

5. Favorite Food:

It's what's for dinner...

6. Favorite Color (and on my wishlist too!):


7. Place I was born:

I can ALMOST see it from here...

8. Favorite Animal:

You would be cute with a stripey butt too!

(ok, I can never decide on a favorite animal, so I pick the Okapi, which looks like 5 in one!)

 No tags this time, but if you do it, put the link here so I can check yours out too! 😀


  1. I want pink cons too! I’ve wanted them for so long and I can’t rationalize buying them for me. BUT as soon as my daughter’s feet grow a bit bigger I can find a pair for her. Now THAT I can rationalize.

    And here is just a guess: 30? Do I get the cookies?

  2. Hey, I like that meme! I don’t usually do them, but I just might go for this one. As for your age, I’m going to guess that you’ll be a young, energetic 32.

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  4. Deanna, that is too cute! Im guessing 32? IDK,but I do know that you are an awesome,and creative woman,and a great friend. When we get into our 50’s then we can complaine! LOL

    The 30’s are the new 20’s!!!!!

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