The Recessionista – smelling great on a budget

It’s always a good idea to try to save money, no matter what your financial situation is.  Whether you are feeling flush, or feeling the pinch, it’s always fun to try to get a little bit more bang for your buck.  That’s what being a recessionista is all about – not depriving yourself, but stretching your money a bit further…

One of my favorite indulgences is perfume. While I can appreciate a great pair of shoes, or a beautiful piece of jewelry, I have always had a soft spot for fragrance. Not only a soft spot, but spendy taste on top of that. When I was working before I had my boys, I thought nothing of spending $100 or more on a bottle of perfume. Now…not so much. But I found The Perfumed Court, where they take bottles of just about every fragrance you can imagine, and decant them into smaller bottles for a lot less then the cost of a full size bottle. On my first order, I got 6 different scents, including Angel, Paris, and Histoire De Parfum 1804, for only $42. They are small vials, but they have more than enough in them to last awhile.

I would love to hear your recessionista ideas – share them in the comments!

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  1. I have one website for you: When I moved from NJ to SoCal I sold almost all my furniture so I didn’t have to pay to cart it across the nation. I then furnished the new place with craigslist, and I’m just waiting for HGTV to call and give me a show on how I did this entire condo for under $500. But I don’t save my talents for just me! I made friends with a poor sap whose beautiful four bedroom house was so stuck in 1985 it was a crime. We sold all his old stuff on CL and bought all new furniture and now he’s got a slick bachelor pad that will hopefully bring his personality current as well. You’d be shocked what you can find at dollar stores (Ikea dishes!), Big Lots (Pottery Barn candle sconces!), and various other discount stores including… GASP!… Goodwill! (Altho finding a decent Goodwill or Salvation Army is a tough one.) Anyway, I share your love of the bargain. 🙂 Thanks for letting me post!

  2. i just discovered your blog via the farm chicks. great banner & feel to it.

    hmmm… a recessionista tip … i would say, visit your local library. my local library offers free passes to local attractions, not to mention a good selection of new DVDs, and the sense of community is always a nice thing.


  3. First off, I am going to start calling myself the recessionista. That’s awesome. And I love a good euphamism.

    OK, I love the tip about the library above, but I will add to shop sales + coupons for groceries. This has gotten me dirty looks in the checkout line, then they see that I just saved $20+, then it turns into looks of admiration!

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