Our most favorite, functional and sometimes frilly, kitchen accessory is making its way into mainstream fashion I tell you! Smocks, half aprons and bibs are popping up everywhere, and not merely worn for cooking or household cleaning. The outfit below, courtesy of Lorimarsha, looks like it belongs on the runway.

Your favorite jeans and a white t-shirt are elevated from frumpy to fashionable when paired with a frilly and fun half apron. Could there be a more perfect “stay at home day” outfit? And you won’t even have to quickly throw off the apron when someone comes to the door. Or pair it with a flouncy skirt and some funky jewelry to really make a statement!

You will not want to miss the new flickr group started by Graygoosie called Aprons – Wear Your Aprons as Fashion. There are some amazing fashion statements being made with aprons as a portion of the total outfit. I especially love the above photo of the GG herself out thrifting in her newly purchased black and white ruffled number.

And I couldn’t get this photo into the post, but check out Becktress’s adorable smock while on her way to a new taqueria! Que linda!

Want to get in on the newest fashion wave and wear your apron? Well, here is your chance. The Kitchen Madonna has declared May 14th, the day after Mother’s Day, as Wear Your Apron Day! So put that aprons on. Yes, the one hanging behind your pantry door…yes, that one. Put it on and venture out into the world, take a photo of yourself in your apron, then post your photos on your blog. Oh, and please let us know you have done so, and we will add you to our apron lovers list.

I will be in the great outdoors on the apron holiday – a (ahem…) fun filled vacation with my extended family. So, I am thinking my fashion statement will involve the perfect bar-b-que apron…now, which one out of my stash will it be?

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