Friday Favorites – random edition

lawscafeSo much has gone on the last week or so that I haven’t had much chance to blog, read or peruse links, so here are a few of my recent favorites:

Making your own Tv Dinners – at FishMama

Ever wanted to know how to create a media kit for your site or business? The BAKERY shows you how over at Design Sponge

For all my Twilight-loving friends

The Best Bunny Slippers EVAH (review to come!)

Why not make your own Pillowcases??

I know Fat Tuesday has passed, but Bacon Cupcakes are a good (?) thing anytime

…and a recipe for a yummy corn chowder at The Sister’s Cafe

Do you have some favorite posts (even your own!) or links you want to share? Leave them in the comments!


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