I am having mixed feelings about Christmas being over. I will miss the tree (a little), the music, and the excuse to eat all sorts of goodies, but I am already thinking about next year…

Note to Self:

  • when you see that perfect something, even if it’s May, GET IT. Do NOT rely on your memory to recall it 7 months later.
  • start cookie making in June – seriously! Make a double batch of cookies, freeze half unbaked.
  • look for burlap ribbon at Halloween
  • look for kraft paper WEEKS before Christmas, not days (where DO you get that stuff???)
  • make lists now, while it’s on your mind.

What worked well this year-

Christmas cards. I got them out, and I got them out (fairly) early. My only hang up with these was putting MY address on them. This year I will definitely invest in labels…my hand STILL has cramps!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. We kept the boys gifts simple – blocks, games, books, and they loved it. They were more excited about just hanging out with family and doing things together than about their toys. The toys we did get seemed to keep them more occupied than the flashy noisy gadget-y toys from years past…

Tell me what you felt really good about this year – any lessons learned? Will you make any changes next year?

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  1. You’ve jotted down some great tips! I bought a lot of photo ornaments this year from Snapfish for friends and family. I loved giving those out and people seemed to love receiving them. I even sent a few out to my wedding clients from this year and they were utterly surprised. It’s fun coming up with cool pics to put on a lasting piece like that. Other than that I always make homemade candy for gift giving. That is my tradition. I like to keep things simple, but always sentimental! 🙂

    Merry Christmas to your family Deanna!

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