Didja ever notice the weekends you have too much to do last for-evah, and the weekends you can just loll around vaporize in a split second? Yeah, me too…

Much was accomplished at the Casa de Chicky this weekend. The carpets were shampooed (Hubby shampooed, I distracted 2 boys who wanted to play in the freshly, (now) light beige dampness), banners were made (did you SEE the deliciousness up there?), much laundry was done (sheets, some old stored crochet afghans-pics to come), sewing machines didn’t make it to their intended destination (fricken fracken UPS), and St Louis debating took place-more to come on that as well…

So this weekend is a big one here…my youngest will be 2 a week from today, and we are having a family bbq to celebrate. I always drive myself nuts trying to figure out what to make. The cake is a no-brainer…yellow cake, chocolate frosting. This year should be extra fun, since anything remotely resembling cream immediately goes into his hair, as evidenced by the diaper cream hairdo he gave himself this weekend, which left him looking like Jonathan Lipnicki…but I want to make another cake, something really yummy, since we will also be celebrating my in-laws birthdays as well. Foofy cupcakes? A decadent cheesecake? Pie?? Help!!

Is anyone else watching “The Sopranos”? Gah!!!!!

Is anyone else awaiting the premiere of “Big Love”? How about “Big Brother” ?

To those who have emailed me (or want to!) about doing banners…YES! Email me an idea of what you want, and I will send you an estimate. Thanks so much for all your kind words.

Ok, chickies (and the couple of roosters who visit), I am off to do my Monday stuff…See you tomorrow!

PS-today is Day one of Apronpalooza over here! Go check out Nan’s blog, and see some of the oh-so lovely aprons you could win! There are new ones every day-maybe even one by yours truly?!? Go on, I’ll wait here! 


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  1. LOV’n the new bannerrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Sweeet.

    Ooooooo and did I tell you I”m going to win those aprons!!! 😉

  2. The new banner is so cute!
    I love teh sopranos and I am mad I only have one more episode! : (

    Is big brother coming back this year? I hope so but I haven’t heard anything about it!

  3. I can’t believe you didn’t mention that Top Chef starts again next week! That’s the only thing keeping me going after The Sopranos is over.

  4. I love the new banner, as well as the gorgeous one you did for me!! 🙂

    You had a heckuva busy weekend! Wow! WTG on all of those accomplishments.

  5. The banner is adorable!
    I’m watching Sopranos…are they going to just kill everybody? and I am not-so-patiently waiting for BB and Big Love.

  6. O’kay….now I’m jealous!!! I love the NEW BANNER!!! You’re doing good….can’t wait for you to teach me!!!

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