What to do, what to do…

I have 3,452 things on my to-do list, and time for only 1,382 of them…Math sucks!

I am thinking about re-reading this book…and I have no idea why.

I have almost all of my pincushions done, with a few more I will toss into my etsy shop…

Boys are insane…did you know that??

Brotherly Love...Another href=”http://creativeoutletdesigns.blogspot.com/” mce_href=”http://creativeoutletdesigns.blogspot.com/”>creative lady who inspires me…

Myspace is kinda fun…I have found some old friends on there! And a whole bunch of new ones!

I am at a sucky place weight-wise…I have lost enough that my pants are all loose, but not enough to wear my next size down pants…and I refuse to buy any in-between clothes…It’s a good/bad thing, but one I will happily accept!

Sweet mama Mrs Flinger used to do a fun thing called Mom’s Night Out…it was a group chat of fellow mama bloggers, once a month, on Yahoo IM, BYOB…SO much fun, and I met lots of great women there…She is thinking about starting it up again, so if you would be interested, leave my a comment and I will add you to the notice list…

My new favorite song…thanks Becca!!!


  1. Thanks for letting people know! I’m working it out so I can have the mister take the first feeding one night. ANd maybe the second so I can have my beer and not be tipsy when he wakes back up. 😉

    I’ll be posting a poll for the best night to have it.

  2. I hear ya on the 3000+ things to do and not enough hours in the day. I never catch up and never seem to check anything off the list. I’ve got a girl but yes, all my friends with boys say that they’re insane. Sorry about that.

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