Ack! Crafty Tuesday!

…and me without a thing to show for it. Well, I have been creating, but it has been of the digital, playing-with-photoshop, pretending-to-be-a-web-designer kind. My desk has a rather nice crack from my head being smashed into it numerous times, and I had to ice my wrist down the other night – but that is more due to 17 years doing hair than my skills as a digital guru(ha!).

I have a list of to-do’s that is growing all the time, but it’s a good kind of busy-the kind that keeps you from sitting on your tush watching the boob tube, or standing in front of the fridge wondering what you can sneak while the kids are napping…THAT kind of busy.

Saturday begins another season or 2…it’s apple season (the beginning of anyway) in our local mountain village, and DH has been asked by a long-time family friend to help out again this year. Yay for apple pies every weekend! It’s also the beginning of football season, which means a Notre Dame flag will fly from our door every weekend from now til Thanksgiving weekend (and maybe for a bowl game as well…ugh!). I really don’t mind all the football “stuff”- When the armchair coaching gets to be too much, I have the ideal reason to go shopping, call my friend Sunshine if she’s not actually AT the game, go to the library, thrifting, etc…But I also like it because I get to try out new appetizer recipes each week-win/win all around!


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  1. Um, are you trying to entice me to start a Notre Dame blog with your bling all over it?? That graphic ROCKS! Don’t suppose there’s a way hubby could use that as a screensaver or desktop could he?

  2. OK the bling is funny! My Brother would love it. He is a Football Coach for Chapman University. Hey I have to e-mail you about the apple village. Is it in Southern CA? I want to visit an apple orchard with the girls this year. Love you crafty bling…

  3. This football season I told my husband I would make an effort to watch the games with him and enjoy them. 🙂 We watched a preseason game last night, and you know what? After I began to understand it, I actually wanted to watch it.

    Now, I expect him to start knitting with me. That’ll make us even. 😉

  4. I like the start of football season because it makes me think of Fall!!!

    I don’t mind dressing the kids, myself and my husband in our teams colors. But I dread watching the game. The kids get restless, and so do I!!! So we usually excuse our selves to go to the mall or something.

    Did you say Apple Pie every weekend!?!? Yummy!!

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