The summer I mean. It was just yesterday I was asking for your help keeping my 6 year old occupied during the summer. Now it’s 3 weeks til school starts, and we didn’t do half the things I wanted to. Hmpf…
So in a few weeks I will have one in school all day, and one still home for another year. It will be so strange to have one child gone from the house more hours than he is awake and home. Wait – did that make sense? Yeah, that’s the way the whole summer has been – lol. 

I hadn’t meant to spend so much time this summer working, but it worked out that way somehow – I redid a blog for April Cornell, got my first corporate project (revealed soon!!) and hopefully will be doing a collaboration with one of my favorite bloggers.

I have also been working on the Apronista – go check it out! Go on, I’ll wait here…

Cute, right? Next Monday (which is also my birthday – Go me!) there will be a FABULOUS party going on where you can win lots of goodies – or give them away if you want!

So tell me what YOU did this summer – or do you have plans for more before school starts up again?

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  1. Oh, if summer even really arrived here… did you know I only put some bedding plants out LAST WEEK? Gah.

    Still have some summer recipes to make and enjoy. This week, this week.

  2. Congrats on your new project. I can’t believe the summer is ending. It seems I have been in a fog or something. LOL I want a do-over.


  3. Summer… its leaving us! I hate that part! Summer is my favorite season and it always always goes by too fast. Time flies when you are having fun I guess…

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