My Mom 2.0 Experience

I haven’t been to a blog conference before that I wasn’t speaking at or volunteering at, so going to Mom 2.0 was going to be new for me. I was fortunate enough to have my trip sponsored by Sabra, and I can’t thank them enough for the experience.

I began my trip bright and early, and arrived in New Orleans in the afternoon. I was lucky enough to have a very chatty cab driver, who gladly pointed out the sights along the way, and suggested activities outside the conference to check out.


My hotel was a few blocks from the Ritz, where the conference was held, but The Queen and Crescent hotel was just what I had in mind – cute, unique, and just blocks from everything. I got settled in and looked forward to the next day.

I checked in to the conference and found a few familiar faces –any nervousness I felt was quickly gone.  The sessions and speakers were amazing – I learned so much and it reaffirmed so much of what I was doing with social media and blogging, especially in how I coach my design clients in their own efforts. From branding to video blogging, sponsorship, monetization and design, Mom 2.0 covered all the bases. I have tons of notes I haven’t even begun to re-read and organize, but will share here when I do!


Sabra provided me with some goodies to share with a few friends and I enjoyed spreading information about their company and their yummy products. I loved sharing how they are participating in social media and reaching out to bloggers.  They even gave me a sticker for my computer which got more than a couple compliments Smile 


On day 2, I was only able to attend one session as my flight was leaving early, but I can’t imagine I could have learned any more or had more fun. Sabra ensured I had a wonderful time, and I am honored to have represented them at the Mom 2.0 conference. I am especially looking forward to sharing with you more experiences with them as a Tastemaker representative, where I will be touring the factory, sharing recipes, giveaways and contests, and participating in other events with them.

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  1. What??? You read my blogs? Cool beans. I miss you too. How awesome that you got to go and had a sponsor too. Let me know if you ever need a sidekick/personal assistant and I’m there!! 🙂 Way to go on the 7….keep it up, I need the company. It’s hard!!! :/ I’m hungry!!! lol.

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